Add a unit notes book

The Moodle book is a resource that allows you to have multiple pages of information, all organized in one Moodle item. It makes sense to use the book when you have information that is quite long, or would really benefit from being "chunked" into different sections, to make it easier for the learner to take in the information.

The book is the only Moodle resource that has its own Table of Contents that is separate from the Navigation block. (If you remember, you learned about this on the first page of the Course Overview in this course.)

For this activity you should:

  1. Add a second unit notes book to your sandbox. It probably will be the book for Unit 2.
  2. Add new chapters to it
  3. Put some content in the chapters of your book

If you would like more guidance before you begin:

  • Consult the article Moodle Book from the Knowledgebase.
Last modified: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 1:44 PM