Picture of rock artIn this activity, we invite you to explore resources that have been chosen to deepen your understanding and reflection on the concept of pedagogical values. Additionally, you have the opportunity to reflect on your pedagogical values and how they show up in your teaching, especially within the online learning environment.

All of the resources for this week explore pedagogical values in slightly different ways; many are teachers’ own reflections on how specific values shape their teaching practice and/or how the explicit articulation of and reflection on values can lead to more meaningful teaching and learning experiences. As you are reading/watching, consider the guiding questions below:

Guiding questions:

  • What role do values play in teaching, according to the author(s)?
  • What are the authors’ values?
  • What specific teaching practices reflect their values?

Week 4 resources

The first resource is a short article from Hybrid Pedagogy, which featured in our resources last week as well. The article offers one instructor’s reflection on how intentionally emphasizing the value of kindness has shaped her teaching practice. While the context of the author’s teaching is face-to-face, much of what she describes has direct application to the online learning context. As you are reading, think about how this instructor’s value of kindness might show up if she was teaching an online course.

Next, we invite you to choose and watch two (or more) of these videos, all of which explore different practitioner’s reflections on specific values that shape their teaching practice. As was the case with the reading above, these practitioners may not necessarily be teaching online, so as you are watching, think about what specific practices could you expect from them in the online context.

*Note: This video is in German. To enable subtitles, click the subtitles icon (located on the bottom right of the player): 

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(Photo by Simon Ray on Unsplash)

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