Your main learning activity this week will be to create and share your online teaching philosophy. We have intentionally kept the readings/videos light for this week to allow you extra time for preparing your online teaching philosophy and giving feedback to others. 

It is necessary to highlight the importance of reconciliation as you reflect on your values that underpin your online teaching philosophy. Also, equity, diversity, and inclusion need to be front of mind when reflecting on how we facilitate building relationships within teaching and learning spaces. This week’s resources include a short video from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2:56 min) and a short article (6 pages) to deepen your understanding of reflective practice. As you are watching and reading, think about these guiding questions:

  • What is the role of reflection in teaching practice in general? In online teaching specifically?
  • What are the key experiences of my life that informed my teaching practice in general? In online teaching specifically?

Week 5 resources

The first resource for the week is a short video that features Murray Sinclair from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Video length (2:55 mins.)

The second reading is a scholarly article exploring the concept of the metaphorical mirror, a practice whereby metaphors are used to help us identify and make sense of who we are in our teaching practice.  

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