Overview of Moodle Access & Navigation

This section covers the basics of Moodle access and navigation, and includes four parts:

What is Moodle? - Learn about what Moodle is and what we use it for.

Moodle Instances - Learn about the different instances (or versions) of Moodle that we have at RRU and what we use them for.

Logging in to Moodle @RRU - Learn about choosing the right browser to access Moodle and the steps to login.

Navigating in Moodle - Learn about how to get around in a Moodle course and find out what the terms hamburger, drawer, breadcrumbs, and gear have to do with Moodle navigation.

Once you have completed each of these four parts, you may wish to practice what you have learned. To practice, click on the Activity at the bottom of the section.

If you have questions, feel free to contact CTET Studio.

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