Logging in to Moodle @RRU

Choosing the right internet browser:

We recommend that you use either the web browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers (e.g. Safari or Internet Explorer) are not recommended and may cause things not to work as expected in Moodle.

Logging in to Moodle

The login for RRU's Moodle can be found at: https://moodle.royalroads.ca. You can also access Moodle from the Royal Roads homepage by clicking on the small avatar icon:

Screen capture of RRU homepage showing quicklinks page

Either of these methods will take you to the Moodle login page, which gives you three options: Current Credit Courses, Course Archives, and Continuing Studies Courses. If you are teaching at RRU, you will likely access the Current Credit Courses Moodle (remember, you learned about our different instances of Moodle in the previous part of this resource, Moodle Instances).

To login, click "LogIn" and use your RRU credentials. If you can't remember your RRU credentials, you can contact Computer Services for a password reset.

Screen capture of Moodle landing page on the Royal Roads Website.

Welcome to your dashboard!

Once you are logged into Moodle, you will land on your "dashboard". Your dashboard shows you all the courses you are enrolled in. All users of Moodle, including instructors and staff, are automatically enrolled in the LaunchPad, an orientation to RRU for students. Even if you aren't a student, you still may find this resource helpful to review.

Tip: If you can't see the course you are looking for, click "Site home" on the left navigation panel to search using the course code.

You will learn how to navigate within a Moodle course in the next section of this resource: Navigating in Moodle

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