2. About this section

Updating and fleshing out syllabus information is a great place to start (and end) building your RRU course. Course syllabus information in Royal Roads courses tends to be located in the first section of any online course, and is often contained in a resource known as a "book". You'll usually see a Course Outline book (or Course Overview, it's sometimes called), a Course Schedule (or Activities Schedule) page, and Readings & Resources information (either within the course outline book or in its own book of information).

With all of this in mind, this section deals with what you need to know how to do in order to complete your course syllabus or course outline. Specifically, you will learn how to add content to a Moodle book resource, how to add links, and how to edit a table in Moodle. 

There are three pages to read for this section, each of which includes practice tasks for you to complete in your sandbox:

For a handy checklist of all the practice tasks you should try and complete in your sandbox, refer to the course checklist.

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