Update the course outline

The Course Outline book (or Course Overview book) typically holds syllabus information such as the course calendar description, learning outcomes, assessment matrix, instructor and program contact information, and program policies.

The Course Outline is usually in a Moodle book (remember, you learned a little bit about navigating around a Moodle book when you read the Course Overview for this course). Books usually include multiple "chapters" of information, and sometimes subchapters. Notice, when you go into the Course Outline in your sandbox, that there are not only multiple chapters, there are also "sub-chapters". You can tell that a page is a sub-chapter because it's slightly indented underneath the chapter page above it. An example is the Readings & Resources section. The main Readings & Resources page is a chapter; the Unit 1 Readings and the Unit 2 Readings are sub-chapters. (Caution: If you delete a chapter page in a book, you will get a warning that you will also delete its sub-chapters!)

For this activity you should:

  1. visit the Course Outline book in your sandbox and update as much of the information about your practice course on the individual chapter pages as you can. Have fun with it!

Ready to get started? Head on over to your sandbox on Innovate and start exploring. 

If you would like more guidance before you begin:

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