3. About this section

One of the things you may wish to think about as you work on your course is creating activities to set the tone and climate for your students.

Why is it important to set the right tone and climate in your course? Bonk and Khoo (2014) note:

"How an instructor welcomes learners into a course is perhaps tantamount to success. Learners must be comfortable with the course, the instructor, and themselves as online learners. In addition, such learners must feel that their ideas are respected and encouraged. Establishing a welcoming environment allows the student to settle in and adjust to this relatively new form of instructional delivery." (p. 45)

With these thoughts in mind, in the section you will learn about and practice the tasks needed in order to set  the tone and climate for your students. A lot of this work can be done through introductions, welcome messages (videos are great!), having an up-to-date Moodle profile, as well as through spaces where students can easily connect with you and with each other to ask questions and share information. This is what we focus on in this section. Specific tasks that you will learn about (and practice in your sandbox) include: adding and editing forums, creating and posting videos, and updating your Moodle profile.

There are three pages to read for this section, each of which includes practice tasks for you to complete in your sandbox:

For a handy checklist of all the practice tasks you should try and complete in your sandbox, refer to the course checklist.

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