5. About this section

If you think generally about the two types of things you will have to add/update in your RRU course, the first is content and the other is activities. Content comes in the form of your readings and resources that you have chosen to have the students read (which likely you have already worked on in your Course Outline book in your sandbox), but you also may wish to post other types of content, for example notes in each unit or week - often inserted into the course using pages or books. Occasionally you might want to upload a file of something that you've created, or jump the student out to another resource somewhere on the web.

What kind of content will you add to your course? Think about "content" being not just text, but multimedia resources such as images, videos and audios. Remember that you must adhere to copyright laws in whatever content you add.

In this section, you will learn about and practice adding new content (resources). Specifically, you will practice adding folders, pages, files, URLs, and images. 

There are six pages to read for this section, each of which includes practice tasks for you to complete in your sandbox:

For a handy checklist of all the practice tasks you should try and complete in your sandbox, refer to the course checklist.

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