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  • Pedagogical Values Series - Hosted by CTET

    RRu students

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    The CTET Pedagogical Values Series reflects CTET’s commitment to addressing values-based components that are relevant to teaching at RRU, and represents a continuation of past offerings with this focus, such as the Living Our Model Series. Specifically relevant to teaching and learning at RRU are the pedagogical values that form the foundation of the RRU Learning, Teaching, and Research Model (LTRM), namely: applied and authentic, caring and community-based, and transformational.  

    • Micro-Session 1

      Theme: “Co-creation: Students as partners”

      Learning, Teaching, Research Model (LTRM) Arc: Caring and Community-Based

      Facilitators: Dr. Jean Slick and Dr. Sophia Palahicky

      Participants: 36 (16 face to face and 20 online)

      Date: January 30, 2019

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      The Centre for Teaching and Educational Technologies (CTET) is pleased to present the first values based micro-session that will focus on the arc of Caring and Community-Based of the LTRM. The theme for the session is “Co-creation: Students as partners” and the facilitators are Dr. Jean Slick and Dr. Sophia Palahicky. This theatre style, one hour session will include sharing, large group discussions, and reflective activities.

      Pedagogical values refer to the worldviews, beliefs, perspectives, and biases about teaching and learning that underpin our specific educational practices (Palahicky et al., 2017). In other words, they are the belief systems that inform the decisions that we make at the micro and macro level of our teaching, from how we design learning experiences to how we interact and engage with learners. Some examples of pedagogical values include diversity, social justice, and community.

      • Micro-Session 2

        Theme: “Appreciative Feedback to Support Learning"

        Learning, Teaching, Research Model (LTRM) Arc: Applied & Authentic

        Facilitators: Ken Jeffery (SET) & Lauren Halcomb-Smith (CTET)

        Participants: 39 (15 face to face and 24 online)

        Date: January 30, 2020

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        The second values based micro-session that focused on the arc of Applied and Authentic of the LTRM. The theme for the session was “Appreciative Feedback to Support Learning”, facilitated by Ken Jeffery (SET) and Lauren Halcomb-Smith (CTET). In the session, Ken Jeffery shared his reflections on his teaching career and the values that have informed his teaching practice, with a particular emphasis on a pedagogy of care. Ken shared the model of appreciative feedback, an approach to providing feedback that emphasizes actionable changes that a student can make whilst attending to the emotional aspect of learning. Two methods for practicing appreciation were shared: audio feedback and narrated video feedback. A rich discussion with session participants followed. 

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